Someone in work might need first aid?

A child or infant might need your help

You might come across a road accident

First Aid Course Dublin

In an emergency situation, you can make a big difference. Being an Emergency First Responder gives you the training & confidence to deal with most of the injuries you may encounter until the emergency services arrive to take over

As a Responder, you may be a valued asset to your family, friends, work place colleagues; your employer may even pay for your training.   Those involved in sports, in particular kid’s clubs, adventure and water-sports should consider emergency training essential.

Dublin First Aid offers a variety of courses to suit your needs; from treating adults to children, from general accidents to specific diving and water-sport injuries. 

All courses are run in a relaxed manner for a positive learning environment.  We use realistic scenarios to practice the skills learnt in the course in order to develop confidence that you could use these skills if called upon. The content is serious but the courses are fun.

Courses are run regularly in different locations in Dublin, through-out the year.  Contact us for details of the next course.  We can also conduct courses in-house for groups or businesses.

START TODAY  Register on-line or contact us directly to start your training.  You never know when you might need these skills